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New Project

A new NEKD project in conjunction with St. Vincent de Paul has just been launched.

St. Vincent de Paul and NEKD are currently developing a Food Bank Project, which
will allow all the main supermarkets in Kerry donate out-of-date or damaged food
which can be redistributed to families and individuals.

Recent research shows that 16,000 people are suffering from food poverty in County
Kerry and it is estimated that 1 in 5 children go to school hungry.

Robert  Carey, NEKD said that the food bank has two benefits: it helps feed thousands of
hungry people in Kerry... and allows large supermarkets and suppliers find a cheaper way of dealing with waste and damaged food.

To see the full article on this project check out today's Kerry's Eye Newspaper!  Congrats to all involved.

if you wish to hear Robert speaking on Radio Kerry about this new project please use the following link :



West Kerry Communities reject privatisation of community sector

Some 40 vocal and animated community activists living, working and volunteering in west Kerry attended a special meeting called by NEKD in Benners Hotel on Tuesday 8th April. The audience included business people from Dingle Chamber, community members from across the peninsula, and members of sporting and tourism organisations. NEKD's Eamonn O'Reilly outlined how NEKDs work is threatened by Government –led proposed changes to funding for the next round of LEADER and Local Community Development programmes. Just as important are proposed changes to the structures which will govern future funding streams leading to attendees voicing concerns ABOUT THE LEVEL OF COMMUNITY DECISION MAKING IN funding allocations. The current rural based, bottom-up approach through which NEKD has delivered the LEADER and LCDP programmes has been acknowledged as a very successful...why change it? Attendees wanted assurances that a locally based community organisation should continue to deliver these programmes..fears were expressed that this new process is top-down, and will not support rural based communities, who live on the periphery, Chairman on the night Richie Williams proposal to reject the Government - led changes was unanimously seconded by all, and local politicians will be hearing more about this campaign as elections near politicians of all shades will be asked to reject this move away from community involvement in decision making.

NEKD has three future community meetings...

Thurs 10th 8pm in Manor West Hotel Tralee

Tuesday 15th 8pm River Island Hotel Castleisland

and Wed 16th 8pm in Family Resource Centre Listowel

All welcome !!

More info from any NEKD office Tralee 066 7180190, Castleisland 066 7142576, Listowel 068 23429, Dingle 066 7142788.


EWM Magazine

The Equality for Women Measure Programme has produced a magazine detailing their activities over the
past number of years and this is now available ...have a look!


Women of Kerry and their journey.....NEKD supporting the progression of women.


Wednesday 4th April 2014

For immediate release

Local Area Community Information Meetings Called


Over the last number of decades, North & East Kerry Development (and its predecessors)
have worked with their communities to combat disadvantage through the delivery
of a range of programmes that assist the long-term unemployed, combat social
exclusion and poverty, assist people in creating their own business, and offer
training and education so people can develop their skills, and participate
fully in society.


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